Unsheltered emotions

Why relationships fail, after noticing certain things throughout my life, I was gifted the ability to see past all obstacles through words. Life wasn’t always apparent, that was never a thing I focused on; we all go through lessons. Lessons that repeat themselves in many different ways, regardless of who you are in the end,Continue reading “Unsheltered emotions”

Today’s world

When we become bored with the subject, we lost interest in the meaning of the object. We use words that have meaning to make them meaningless. From personal experience, life has many obstacles, some difficult some surfaced; all are the same when completed. We look for meaning outside of us, losing hope in trying toContinue reading “Today’s world”

Nothing subliminal

We are only humans bodying the conscious mind. Leaving us forgetting the bigger meaning to life is. When there is no meaning, everything becomes lust-filled. The temptation is desires leading us to become less us and more them. Read in between the lines and see for yourself how everything grows. Becoming doesn’t happen overnight. PictureContinue reading “Nothing subliminal”

Accepting the lesson

Let’s get honest for a second, the world is going to shit, and people are don’t know what to do with themselves. When it comes down to finding inner peace, it’s always been a struggle for me. Lately, I’ve been tapping into my creative side. Seeing people being people has always been a blessing; seeingContinue reading “Accepting the lesson”

The more we think, the less we become.

The more we think, the less we become. We are born alone; we die alone. The in-between is where life is lived. There are so many roads we take as people. Many of us get lost; we lose ourselves to the sidesteps in life. Everything happening is the way it’s supposed to be. Don’t getContinue reading “The more we think, the less we become.”

No winning

If I lied I lose myself If I tell the truth I lose you.