Every year it’s the same pattern. Broken promises lead up to new to year resolution.

Don’t wait for the year to end to make changes in your life. This thing called time is just another way of blocking us out into not seeing what life is all about.

We dismiss people in our lives, thinking we are protecting ourselves what we fail to see is that life is a pattern of memories into seeing what there is and what there is not. We go through this cycle of pain to try and fill in the void that once left us defected to only pray to a god to heal a void that we wait for someone else to repair.

Every year that passes is just another year that will repeat the same patterns that the year before bought, we go through the cycle of all holidays to keep us having a sense of purpose.

We need to fit into a circle that was meant to go against us.

Going through what I’ve been through and seeing life for what it is.

I’ve learned how to see some patterns that once kept me in the loop of feeling like I needed to fit in.

Some people don’t like it when I show them a side of me of not caring. Not caring to me doesn’t mean I don’t care I don’t see a point in caring for something that holds no meaning, In having no meaning, that it doesn’t have a higher purpose other than the sense you create to it.

From time to time, I numb down; I need it for me to feel something. In feeling something, I regain this feeling of not caring.