There comes a time in life when we need to learn how to forgive ourselves for not knowing any better. Everyone has an opinion on how they feel about certain things, everyone is doing their best in trying to make sense of what is happening in the world they live in. Some of us are here others are not, each holds true.

I find myself getting lost in the low vibrations that life has to offer, in therapy I heard this saying that goes something like this ” I often find myself in the bottom of the surface of the ocean needing to climb up to the top to interact with the world. At times I find some people that meet me at the bottom but that feeling feels unfamiliar. So I don’t know how to act when someone is willing to meet me where I am at.

I see a lot of injustice in the world, whether it’s the black lives matter movement or the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and or the pandemic sweeping the globe. I find myself asking myself where is the answer within all this noise that is happening, where do we find the clarity in everything happening? I see some moment’s throughout the day where people are existing but I ask myself another question is it existing or is it escaping?

Life isn’t a journey, it’s a story. How you tell your story is how others will define how you are. Even then who cares about how others view you live can either be shortlived and have an impact and or long-lived without even an imprint on how you managed to see come out of this world. Throughout life, people will be a mirrored image of who you are and what parts of you that need to be healed for you to grow.

Yes, life isn’t best lived when you only think about yourself but you are all you got in this world so make the best of who you are for yourself so that when the time comes in loving others, you would understand that the love you have for yourself is the love you have for others. THIS FOR ME HAS BEEN THE HARDEST PART.

Knowing yourself with any slight knowledge of empathy might have you feeling compassion for yourself and all your struggles, struggles don’t define who you are you overcoming them and making them part of the story is ultimately how you grow as a person. Trust in yourself to know that who you are is who you are. Don’t allow injustice in the world to control your viewpoint.

Every single soul on this planet is interconnected with the same source of energy that is controlling the world. As long as there is breathe there is life.


The more that time passes, the more that we lose sight of the things that don’t matter. Growing older, I started seeing that things that do matter. We are all humans; we are all flawed. What gets people is their way of thinking. Beliefs become a condition of their reality. Life is just what life is. There isn’t much more to it, other than the meaning that you create for yourself.

Be content with who you are and forget about all the things that don’t serve you. People change regardless of what you do for people; they will always do what they need for themselves. Some people built up their opinions based on their insecurities.

Don’t be the type of person that loses yourself based on someone else’s beliefs. Their belief is their own experience with how they deal with their own—problems, not yours. The only thing sure thing in life is death. Not much more, we label so many other meanings we forget to live. What is the substance to your life?

Being almost thirty, I can say that I haven’t found my substance; I am learning how to grow alone. Learning stuff alone and spending time with yourself shows you a different side of who you are. Accepting that you are human also is a form of self-love.

Live ,learn, love.

No winning

If I lied I lose myself

If I tell the truth I lose you.