Seasons change

Your emotions will get you killed. Guard your heart ignore the rest. Love the fuck out of yourself, keep walking. This world may seem divided, yet you remain intact because you are part of the world. Nothing will ever be where it is in place today because we change as the season go. Yet we remain the same in the memories that fade with time.

Hanging on.

Hanging from the tip of the iceberg, I fell into the freezing water. The cold water ran through my veins. Leaving in shock, I tried to find the warmth in things that left me feeling cold. Oooh, how I miss the taste of coffee on your lips. I miss the sound of your crackling ankles in the morning, nothing feels like home when you are not around.

Protect the queen, not the king

The sense of thinking you’re crazy trying to feel something that is there while everyone else tells it is not. Make you feel like nothing belong where it stands. So you let go of the idea that the fantasy is real, only to realize that nothing anyone thinks makes sense. Knowing that only if you believed in yourself, things would’ve been different. But this isn’t a should’ve would’ve been type thing. In the end, protect the queen. Checkmate.

Rain Drops

Lost in glare, I found myself stuck in the rainfall. Lighting followed with the sound of thunder; my heart skips a beat, there it was. Reaching for it, but it’s not in plain sight, I sit look inwards to find me. All this time, I was reaching out looking for me when I was inside of who I am.

poisonous seed

We sit and wait; we became distant in memory, so we grew. A poisonous seed the water-fed the seed washing it out the impurity, growing taller we fell, leaving us singing this song, roses are red, violets are blue, o how I miss you.

Lost in the emotion

Words got lost in the emotion behind the meaning of what needed to be said. Your brain goes through a wind whirl losing control of the initial impact letting us bleed out the pain that we no longer feel/ Letting us go numb. Trapped in mind, we find peace sheltered from the world we find a home.

Love me

Love me while I am still here. Before everything ends, love me as if the world was ending, fill this empty void with your broken smile. Let have it be the ending of a William Shakespeare play. We will have memories that turn into white smoke—filling our heads with the clouds that block the sun from shining.

Crashing Shoreline

The talk in the air became the cancer of the breath leaving behind the so-called memory of you. It faded in the sunset as the waves hit the shore, crumpling the sandcastle, only to have it rebuilt. This time it was a brick castle, nothing fragile about this home if the wave hits this time, the only thing that will happen is that the water will repel off the wall leaving a clean fence from all the sand.

Inside the light

It was the first time in his life he seemed unsure of his power. Dimed he turned of the residual light held inside him, letting go, he accepted his existence. People would tell him to stop living a fairytale, so he killed his imagination.

Little did he know his power laid in his imagination. His perspective becomes narrow, following the lustful activities losing sight of his primary light.

Digging deeper, he followed, got lost, but followed, even more, looking for himself in things that kept him in the dark.

Seeing things as they were was both his gift and his curse. Little did he know that there were his angels keeping away his demons, protecting him from the evil that was overtaking him.

His passion in life was to allow people to be people; the more people didn’t let him be himself, his ego took the best of him; one day, he lost everything. He tried to see the meaning of his loss, Closing his everything was black, decided to use his inner light it was too far slandered, so he screamed, cried, yelled, nothing fixed his inner fire, his internal light no longer lived in his heart rather his head.