Sometimes life feels fucked. So I pause. Pauses need a reset, so now I hit reserve —the tape breaks. Can’t seem to find the connection to the wifi, so I unplug. I find the nearest outlet, and I plug in the charger. My phone is dead, so I sit with my thoughts. I see a […]


The truth is that I am lost. Life without you has been terrifying. There is no codependent relationship anymore. With you, there was a purpose that lived inside. You gave me a purpose; you gave me an excuse. I don’t feel much without, wish you would’ve erased me. A big part of me forgave you; […]

Look Past the sky

What left you gasping for air, did you find yourself in the waves of the current or did you get washed back to shore. Letting the universe guide you to the final destination, or did you see life in the sun. When you fell distant, lookout passed sky; see behind the material that holds us […]

Home Sweet Home

The voices in my head get louder, but the people seem further. Pushing yet pulling these demons inside from the outer world feels so unrealistic, this was just another one of my nightmares, thinking that everything was supposed to be this way, knowing that nothing feels like home. Knowing that home was just this made-up […]