No winning

If I lied I lose myself If I tell the truth I lose you.

don’t count the days, make the days count

Manifest what you want out to the world. A couple of years back I purposed to my fianc√©. Impulsive but rational impulsive decision, here the thing I just got my clean bill of health and with that, I knew that death was near and that what I once lived for was now all put behind. […]


Why did you think that you could just come and did what you did? Who the fuck do you think you are? Let ME tell you something.. you made me heartless. You made me turn into this monster that no one wants to be around.

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A letter to myself pre-cancer !

Dear Cancer Mouhamad, Listen, your life is goinListen, your life is going to change‚Ķ You will not only change to become a person that will tackle and take down anything that tries to tell you differently, but you won’t love all the things that you thought once defined you. You are going to become this […]