Hanging on.

Hanging from the tip of the iceberg, I fell into the freezing water. The cold water ran through my veins. Leaving in shock, I tried to find the warmth in things that left me feeling cold. Oooh, how I miss the taste of coffee on your lips. I miss the sound of your crackling ankles in the morning, nothing feels like home when you are not around.


Lost in the transition, I fell in the hole. Digging, I couldn’t get out; the further I went, the deeper it felt. Losing hope I saw no light, everything was just a big old mess, deeper I look the emptier it felt. Now I have this void, and I am searching for the fulfillment there. It was my reflection from the tears that lead me to where I am now.


Isolated in the mind. Grow the thought. We were leaving behind only the memories. So we went looking to relive a moment and losing the traces of the footsteps that got us to where we are now. So we created different trails with steps that weren’t ours. Leaving us wondering what’s was the whole idea behind leaving in the first place.

The Poems that didn’t need to be written.

The life we live is shortlived only to be lived in the memories, leaving behind faded moments; that were so jaded in thoughts that became our reality.

Inside the light

It was the first time in his life he seemed unsure of his power. Dimed he turned of the residual light held inside him, letting go, he accepted his existence. People would tell him to stop living a fairytale, so he killed his imagination.

Little did he know his power laid in his imagination. His perspective becomes narrow, following the lustful activities losing sight of his primary light.

Digging deeper, he followed, got lost, but followed, even more, looking for himself in things that kept him in the dark.

Seeing things as they were was both his gift and his curse. Little did he know that there were his angels keeping away his demons, protecting him from the evil that was overtaking him.

His passion in life was to allow people to be people; the more people didn’t let him be himself, his ego took the best of him; one day, he lost everything. He tried to see the meaning of his loss, Closing his everything was black, decided to use his inner light it was too far slandered, so he screamed, cried, yelled, nothing fixed his inner fire, his internal light no longer lived in his heart rather his head.


When life becomes a place of chaos, it starts with what you allow in your field of energy.

I talk a lot about the ego, embrace your ego, better yet understand your ego. Curb it like you would curb your dog. Let it sit there and wait. Wait on; impurities that make you think the way you think.

Learn how to let go and accept what is in front of you.

Risen from the ashes

Rinse from the ashes became Rose. Seeing became believing and believing turn into faith. We got blinded by the sun and found shelter in the moon. Leaving became a part of growing, and growing felt like leaving. Seeing the empty spaces in between the lines, I found the meaning of the words that I thought mattered for the moment.


Let’s numb the feeling with this poison. Soon everything will be okay again. This poison will allow us to feel something that the heart doesn’t want to feel knowing that we were just a grain of sand in the sandstorm. 

I think it’s a poem

I was thinking to myself about memories that I held onto, thinking that maybe you grew up a lot faster then I did. Seeing that accepting people for who they are is just another unlearned skill in not knowing any better in realizing that things are the way they are.

You were my middle ground, and I was your teacher. I guess that just the way it was supposed to be. Seeing and hearing is only another one of the senses that lie to us because feeling isn’t an option when it comes down to listening to what the heart needs.

Fogged Vision

There is no right or wrong way of dealing with your emotions.
Emotions are just there to teach you a way of navigating a way that you feel about a situation that you don’t understand.

People go through life either masking a part of them that they hide from the outside world or hide from themselves. Letting this not affect how you feel is a skill learned into moving past the feeling of low energy.

People die every day; we don’t hear about the ones that never left an impact on the world; we only hear about the ones that die with fame or mass murders from a tragic outcome. The point is you never know when you’re last day here on earth is. Everything is as it is, be present, and let go of things that don’t hold any truth to you. I never understand the conditioning parts of the human mind; we hold onto things that are just as empty as our promises we make to ourselves at times.

Breaking out of character comes from a deep place of hurt that many will dismiss from not understanding everyone deals with things differently. We are all going through this thing together as a collective whole. There is a saying out there “thinking positive all the time is a negative trait; understanding that negative is negative is a positive trait.”

Seeing things for what they are without labeling them is also a learned skill. Learning how to shutdown how you feel a lot takes of work; there is a lot of breaking and letting go into changing what you need for yourself.

People go through their journey without realizing that their perspective is a fogged image of who they are.

Nothing Is forever

Who are we as people?

Our minds so fed with the idea of needing and wanting to fit into this thing called life we get lost in the trap of the ego.

Have fun while it is last because being forever isn’t a thing. Nothing will be here when all said is done.

Separated from the mind, we lost track of the heart.