Be Free

The energy of control, feeling of wanting to endure something into becoming real, it turns out to become the fabrication of the whole story.

When emotion becomes something higher than the initial impression, we become prone to reveal what we are feeling losing control of who we are for ourselves.

Life has no borders; everything happens when we indulge ourselves with the desire that fuels the soul.

A new heart doesn’t start with THE OLD SELF. -Note to self.

New heart awakes when one accepts the old self for who they were in a time that once served them at that moment.

Letting go, I articulate on that a lot, implying there is something I am holding onto, needing, desiring, that is all comes from an egotistical perspective, from seeing reality extremely narrow sided.

Letting go is by assuring yourself that this weight you are transporting is starting to hurt, why disturb yourself over something that doesn’t care about your bleeding.

We are more than just the flesh we show, and there is an energy source that picks up the patterns we attract.

We act from a place of thinking; we lose a sense of actually thinking about the intentional thought that we were considering.

Be free of self.


Feel something, or you’ll lose yourself to this numbing feeling that once helped you heal. Find yourself in the things that you love. Forget the outside noise that tells you that you aren’t worthy of love. Everything is just a distraction of where you need to go. You’ve been there before. Don’t go down that same path hold everything true to yourself and let go of all the distraction. When everything feels distant, get close that when you’ll find yourself on the clutter. You will only need to lose yourself to find yourself, and if losing yourself means letting go, then let go. Because tonight is when we become us again.

Fogged Vision

There is no right or wrong way of dealing with your emotions.
Emotions are just there to teach you a way of navigating a way that you feel about a situation that you don’t understand.

People go through life either masking a part of them that they hide from the outside world or hide from themselves. Letting this not affect how you feel is a skill learned into moving past the feeling of low energy.

People die every day; we don’t hear about the ones that never left an impact on the world; we only hear about the ones that die with fame or mass murders from a tragic outcome. The point is you never know when you’re last day here on earth is. Everything is as it is, be present, and let go of things that don’t hold any truth to you. I never understand the conditioning parts of the human mind; we hold onto things that are just as empty as our promises we make to ourselves at times.

Breaking out of character comes from a deep place of hurt that many will dismiss from not understanding everyone deals with things differently. We are all going through this thing together as a collective whole. There is a saying out there “thinking positive all the time is a negative trait; understanding that negative is negative is a positive trait.”

Seeing things for what they are without labeling them is also a learned skill. Learning how to shutdown how you feel a lot takes of work; there is a lot of breaking and letting go into changing what you need for yourself.

People go through their journey without realizing that their perspective is a fogged image of who they are.