Look Past the sky

What left you gasping for air, did you find yourself in the waves of the current or did you get washed back to shore. Letting the universe guide you to the final destination, or did you see life in the sun. When you fell distant, lookout passed sky; see behind the material that holds us […]

feeling of time

I feel angry, confused, lost, and mainly numb. I push threw though. I don’t know how some are heartless with the way they think or act. This thing called time, we all take it for granted. We wait to fix things and says time heals all. Time doesn’t cure anything; it just numbs it and […]


Every year it’s the same pattern. Broken promises lead up to new to year resolution. Don’t wait for the year to end to make changes in your life. This thing called time is just another way of blocking us out into not seeing what life is all about. We dismiss people in our lives, thinking […]

No winning

If I lied I lose myself If I tell the truth I lose you.