The Power of Imagination

 The power of imagination Where it prevails is in between fantasy and reality. I’ve always been the type of kid that lived in my head. Never conceding the emotion behind the character until the response became powerless.  You ask yourself these mysteries, which leads to not knowing your self-worth at times. This thing we callContinue reading “The Power of Imagination”

The Numbing Feeling

Early summer of 2018, I went through a manic episode. My mental health was at it’s lowest. After cancer, they tell you that you became cured of the diseases. Your physical body may have recovered, but your insight on the way you view the world changes. Everyone is doing there best. Doing there best isn’tContinue reading “The Numbing Feeling”

The truth about surviving Cancer

The truth about surviving brain cancer, you don’t die, but everything around you does. The feeling of trying to understand this thing has left in a dark place. Everything has been moving fast, and I need to slow down before I lose a sense of what is happening around me. Family is getting older, momContinue reading “The truth about surviving Cancer”

No winning

If I lied I lose myself If I tell the truth I lose you.

The Novel waiting to be read

Every person you meet is a novel. Some are difficult to read; others have pages ripped apart from past damage. Some even fabricated to fit a narrative that pertains to where they are now. It’s been four years since I was cancer-free, today I shared it with people. There was a push back from withinContinue reading “The Novel waiting to be read”

Dead Presidents

We worship dead people on paper. What if things were a little different. What if you started showing the world color to a colorless world. We are all trapped to something. Try and break free of what life throws at you. I wish you could see what it is like knowing what it is toContinue reading “Dead Presidents”

Four Years later a New outlook

We live in a world that is separated, divided, and, most importantly, depressed. Everyone is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Ever since I can remember, I have always been the outcast. There‚Äôs nothing wrong with being the outcast. During my darkest moments, only a few people shined while others simply pretended to beContinue reading “Four Years later a New outlook”

Breaking up, moving on

It’s not you that I hold onto. I don’t even miss you. I wrote about you before and felt completely empowered. Been checking up on you every now and then, you still never showed up. I can say that you standing me up has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. AtContinue reading “Breaking up, moving on”


Life. We all have it, we all experience it differently. I wanted to touch base on something that my experience taught me. The heart and brain will never be one. They are not friends and will never be friends. My heart is depressed and my brain is overloaded with information. Not all are equal, justContinue reading “HEART AND BRAIN”