Fuck the ignorance

FreedomThe search for freedomIs it based on the color of the skin?or is it more? Is it based on our perception of the world?Black, white, yellow, brownAll colorsThat separate usfrom being one We say, “fuck the police”I say, “fuck the ignorance”To the small businesses out there,investing all their money into the business being looted,that hadContinue reading “Fuck the ignorance”

Peaking the horizon

When we go through trauma, our life becomes shattered. Feel that, embrace it, allow yourself to understand that we are humans. We are all fucked up somehow. Sometimes we lose ourselves on the path to healing. We experience the feeling of void, blackness, and emptiness. Everyone goes through it. Don’t let it consume your life.Continue reading “Peaking the horizon”

The Power of Imagination

 The power of imagination Where it prevails is in between fantasy and reality. I’ve always been the type of kid that lived in my head. Never conceding the emotion behind the character until the response became powerless.  You ask yourself these mysteries, which leads to not knowing your self-worth at times. This thing we callContinue reading “The Power of Imagination”

Unsheltered emotions

Why relationships fail, after noticing certain things throughout my life, I was gifted the ability to see past all obstacles through words. Life wasn’t always apparent, that was never a thing I focused on; we all go through lessons. Lessons that repeat themselves in many different ways, regardless of who you are in the end,Continue reading “Unsheltered emotions”

Nothing subliminal

We are only humans bodying the conscious mind. Leaving us forgetting the bigger meaning to life is. When there is no meaning, everything becomes lust-filled. The temptation is desires leading us to become less us and more them. Read in between the lines and see for yourself how everything grows. Becoming doesn’t happen overnight. PictureContinue reading “Nothing subliminal”