The Poems that didn’t need to be written.

The life we live is shortlived only to be lived in the memories, leaving behind faded moments; that were so jaded in thoughts that became our reality.


How much suffering does one endure before feeling bliss, the heart is the gateway to the brain, allow our selves to feel empowered in a time when life doesn’t show any signs it becomes the time we create our signs from what we want from life.

We get lost in the roots embedded in us at birth, thinking who we are is flawed, when in reality, we are all perfectly imperfect. We allow emotions to dictate our surroundings not wanting to fit into the social Que, we disconnect.

Life has been a weird journey; a part of me is exhausted. Another part of me still has gas in the fuel tank.

If you are reading this and went through something tragic, you are here for a reason. We are all here for a reason, regardless of who doesn’t see it create your purpose.

Nothing is forever, not the air you breathe or the trees you see, everything dies. Life after cancer, I looked for meaning in a meaningless life.

Life showed me signs I ignored; it kept repeating the signs until I opened my eyes, seeing is believing that why most of us lost sight in God when God for one is everything around us happening as is.

Be in-tuned with yourself, forget the noise, listen. Listening is one of our senses that allows us to become aware of our surroundings. Just life the silence sounds that play inside our head; we become the subject of our thoughts.

Believe in nothing, and in nothing, believe in everything, think outside the walls you built for yourself. Nothing stays remember, so why hold so much meaning to meaningless things, that one day will die, all problems fears, worries, all die. Nothing will last nothing forever. Next time you complain about something, ask yourself what did you do for yourself today. How will you die ?

Are you ready

Are you ready?
I don’t know it’s been a while.
Aren’t you ready for love again?
I don’t know if I’m up to getting hurt again.
You only allow yourself to hurt if you choose to see the hurt side of things.
Save the bullshit
It’s not bullshit; it is life.
What do you even know about love?
Not much, I know that love is a beautiful thing once experience.

Look Past the sky

What left you gasping for air, did you find yourself in the waves of the current or did you get washed back to shore. Letting the universe guide you to the final destination, or did you see life in the sun. When you fell distant, lookout passed sky; see behind the material that holds us together.

One big question

The feeling of acceptance means letting go of what there is. A lot of us get lost by spending time with ourselves. We are missing the main idea of what is rather then what isn’t. This thing we call void we avoid. How is this so when in reality, we forget what is to be human.

We act from a place of emotions losing the reason why we feel the way we think, dismissing the feeling we thought we were feeling. Play on words will have you thinking. What’s left to consider when thinking is just a thought.

Don’t confuse who you are for anyone else’s approval; why does it matter what others think of you. Accept who you are for yourself, this whole theory on life is everyone owns subjective belief, and everyone has their own opinion on how life should be. Within religion, there are sub religions that stem from the first religion, which makes no sense; if there was one god, then why would one god make many different religions. These are the type of questions I ask myself.

Imagine if you were free of any belief, what would you believe? At the end of it, everything is just another way of storytelling, and if we start to think the story that someone else is telling us, then whatever happens to our story?


Cancer didn’t kill me; neither would your surface-level personality. It’s not the streets I trust; neither is it the people I meet. It’s the waves in the ocean and guidance in the breath that keep my feet on the ground. Wave’s being so unpredictable and air being life, I found the balance in the chaos we call order. If life had its limits, it wouldn’t be what we seem to find hard, being limitless in this thing we consume, we become the consumers of other’s beliefs, when words aren’t ours action become left without intent, leaving us looking for the feeling we call void.

Love me

Love me while I am still here. Before everything ends, love me as if the world was ending, fill this empty void with your broken smile. Let have it be the ending of a William Shakespeare play. We will have memories that turn into white smoke—filling our heads with the clouds that block the sun from shining.

Unsheltered emotions

Why relationships fail, after noticing certain things throughout my life, I was gifted the ability to see past all obstacles through words.

Life wasn’t always apparent, that was never a thing I focused on; we all go through lessons. Lessons that repeat themselves in many different ways, regardless of who you are in the end, everything is interconnected throughout seeing the pattern. When we become comfortable with things, we lose interest and lose respect. Many of us carry the wounds of our childhood into adulthood, leaving behind the child that needed caring and loving.

We’ve been in isolation now for the past two months; this isn’t anything new to me. I love being alone at times, just being the observer. One advice I can give you coming out of a long relationship, if you love somebody and care for them, let them be, You won’t always get the answers you need from that person. Don’t try to show to much emotion people don’t understand emotion when pain is involved; heal yourself by letting the other person grow. Communication is bliss when coming to an understanding. Know that connection isn’t always an option. Regardless of how bad you think you might want something to know that maybe it just was meant not to work out that way.

One thing I never understood was religion, even though I respect people’s beliefs. Faith never hit me.

We are humans, and we can change what we don’t like, by how we react.
Some people will leave that up to God to help them improve who they are without taken any accountability in their actions. Most times, when we don’t like certain things in people, it’s because it’s our insecurity. Many things in life are idiosyncratic. We linearly view life, allowing certain things to fog up the bigger picture. Time isn’t in our favor. The more we waste, the less we live up to our essential purpose.

I noticed a pattern in my life that I attract extremely broken souls. People are always trying to test my beliefs; in the past, I would put up a good fight now. I just let it be—there no need for users to state what we don’t like. Not liking something is also an extremely subjective view of seeing the world.

The world is happening as we speak regardless of what happens inside of the world; it’s happening. Humans have a hard time seeing it happen. Look beyond the surface, look for the soul that speaks to humans and learn how to embrace all things, not just the things that feed your flesh. Nothing goes with you when you die; the only thing left behind is the lesson you choose to teach people that will forever impact them in a good or bad way.

Life without understanding and reasoning becomes a place of unsheltered emotions, and those will be the death of experience in the present.

Crashing Shoreline

The talk in the air became the cancer of the breath leaving behind the so-called memory of you. It faded in the sunset as the waves hit the shore, crumpling the sandcastle, only to have it rebuilt. This time it was a brick castle, nothing fragile about this home if the wave hits this time, the only thing that will happen is that the water will repel off the wall leaving a clean fence from all the sand.

Bloody and Confused

You cut her, she bled.
She forgave, never forgot.
She got lost in the emotion, so she feared what was to come from it.
Acted out, left her feeling confused.

She cut you, you bled.
You Forgave and understood.
You got lost in turmoil, so you feared what was to come from it.
Acted out, left you feeling empty.

Home Sweet Home

The voices in my head get louder, but the people seem further. Pushing yet pulling these demons inside from the outer world feels so unrealistic, this was just another one of my nightmares, thinking that everything was supposed to be this way, knowing that nothing feels like home. Knowing that home was just this made-up fairytale that I created only to feel safe.

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