Are you ready

Are you ready?No.Why?I don’t know it’s been a while.Aren’t you ready for love again?I don’t know if I’m up to getting hurt again.You only allow yourself to hurt if you choose to see the hurt side of things.Save the bullshitIt’s not bullshit; it is life.What do you even know about love?Not much, I know that […]

Look Past the sky

What left you gasping for air, did you find yourself in the waves of the current or did you get washed back to shore. Letting the universe guide you to the final destination, or did you see life in the sun. When you fell distant, lookout passed sky; see behind the material that holds us […]

One big question

The feeling of acceptance means letting go of what there is. A lot of us get lost by spending time with ourselves. We are missing the main idea of what is rather then what isn’t. This thing we call void we avoid. How is this so when in reality, we forget what is to be […]