Sometimes life feels fucked. So I pause. Pauses need a reset, so now I hit reserve —the tape breaks. Can’t seem to find the connection to the wifi, so I unplug. I find the nearest outlet, and I plug in the charger. My phone is dead, so I sit with my thoughts. I see a […]


The truth is that I am lost. Life without you has been terrifying. There is no codependent relationship anymore. With you, there was a purpose that lived inside. You gave me a purpose; you gave me an excuse. I don’t feel much without, wish you would’ve erased me. A big part of me forgave you; […]

The Power of Imagination

 The power of imagination Where it prevails is in between fantasy and reality. I’ve always been the type of kid that lived in my head. Never conceding the emotion behind the character until the response became powerless.  You ask yourself these mysteries, which leads to not knowing your self-worth at times. This thing we call […]

Falling Into Place

Sometimes, I need to remind myself who the fuck I am. When thing falls short, we don’t stop fighting. Everything that happens is happening for a reason. Life has stimulated a lot of obstacles my way; things happen along the way people are hurt, and they cut you, it is a part of life. You […]