Find yourselves in this world full of beauty,

We grow, so do our habits, our purpose, our meaning, and our views. When we grow, we grow past the things that once served us.

Life doesn’t stop when we die, it goes on people come and go, and things happen. There is always a separation that will keep us apart from who we are. We follow the mainstream, and the mainstream follows the drama leaving us thinking that what we need is to fit into some fabricated fairytale that we seem to call reality.

Don’t get words confused with your thoughts; words are just here to entertain your thoughts; you can either feed into expanding it or feed into numbing choice will always be yours. Letting go doesn’t mean to hold onto anything, it merely means let go. Your views should never align with someone else belief; you have a mind of your own with your experience from a world that seems to be going down at times. Another day another person being murdered another protest being formed, another strict being marched. All this uneasily noise disrupting our peace.

Can we ever reach of a place of divine light, or wholeness with one’s self, yes sure go become a monk somewhere in the mountain and forget the material world, that will work. You’ll lose out on life, I am not saying to you give yourself up to the idea of wanting peace. Coming to acceptance and understanding that you control your own emotion will serve you better than letting your emotions get the best of you. You never win with your emotions that are scattered, they radiate in places, allowing them to hit people who don’t understand where you are coming from.

growing out of a lot of abuse growing up, I realized that accepting it for what it was is the best blessing that I could’ve gone through. Don’t talk about your pain, talk about the power that overcame the pain that leads you to build a better life for yourself. Read this part out loud, FUCK THE REST, worry about how you are going to take care of you, no one has your back as much as you have your own.

Don’t live in the shadows of others; everyone has an inner light; everything is interconnected to the divine light. Watch the power of the mouth, gossip is one hell of a drug, every dose will keep you in the same circle asking yourself where did my time go? Take what you want from this reading, I am just writing.

With Love and light, I hope you find yourselves in this world full of beauty, regardless of the outcome.

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