How much suffering does one endure before feeling bliss, the heart is the gateway to the brain, allow our selves to feel empowered in a time when life doesn’t show any signs it becomes the time we create our signs from what we want from life.

We get lost in the roots embedded in us at birth, thinking who we are is flawed, when in reality, we are all perfectly imperfect. We allow emotions to dictate our surroundings not wanting to fit into the social Que, we disconnect.

Life has been a weird journey; a part of me is exhausted. Another part of me still has gas in the fuel tank.

If you are reading this and went through something tragic, you are here for a reason. We are all here for a reason, regardless of who doesn’t see it create your purpose.

Nothing is forever, not the air you breathe or the trees you see, everything dies. Life after cancer, I looked for meaning in a meaningless life.

Life showed me signs I ignored; it kept repeating the signs until I opened my eyes, seeing is believing that why most of us lost sight in God when God for one is everything around us happening as is.

Be in-tuned with yourself, forget the noise, listen. Listening is one of our senses that allows us to become aware of our surroundings. Just life the silence sounds that play inside our head; we become the subject of our thoughts.

Believe in nothing, and in nothing, believe in everything, think outside the walls you built for yourself. Nothing stays remember, so why hold so much meaning to meaningless things, that one day will die, all problems fears, worries, all die. Nothing will last nothing forever. Next time you complain about something, ask yourself what did you do for yourself today. How will you die ?

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