One big question

The feeling of acceptance means letting go of what there is. A lot of us get lost by spending time with ourselves. We are missing the main idea of what is rather then what isn’t. This thing we call void we avoid. How is this so when in reality, we forget what is to be human.

We act from a place of emotions losing the reason why we feel the way we think, dismissing the feeling we thought we were feeling. Play on words will have you thinking. What’s left to consider when thinking is just a thought.

Don’t confuse who you are for anyone else’s approval; why does it matter what others think of you. Accept who you are for yourself, this whole theory on life is everyone owns subjective belief, and everyone has their own opinion on how life should be. Within religion, there are sub religions that stem from the first religion, which makes no sense; if there was one god, then why would one god make many different religions. These are the type of questions I ask myself.

Imagine if you were free of any belief, what would you believe? At the end of it, everything is just another way of storytelling, and if we start to think the story that someone else is telling us, then whatever happens to our story?

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