Inside the light

It was the first time in his life he seemed unsure of his power. Dimed he turned of the residual light held inside him, letting go, he accepted his existence. People would tell him to stop living a fairytale, so he killed his imagination.

Little did he know his power laid in his imagination. His perspective becomes narrow, following the lustful activities losing sight of his primary light.

Digging deeper, he followed, got lost, but followed, even more, looking for himself in things that kept him in the dark.

Seeing things as they were was both his gift and his curse. Little did he know that there were his angels keeping away his demons, protecting him from the evil that was overtaking him.

His passion in life was to allow people to be people; the more people didn’t let him be himself, his ego took the best of him; one day, he lost everything. He tried to see the meaning of his loss, Closing his everything was black, decided to use his inner light it was too far slandered, so he screamed, cried, yelled, nothing fixed his inner fire, his internal light no longer lived in his heart rather his head.


  1. This is SO good. The innocence in your words is humbling. If these words were made true in life I’m imagining that they would serve as a conscience for many. Kinda like a boombox in the heads of most today. Imagination IS power and because of this it intimidates or has a effortless flow that would make some terrified to come close. When we live life out loud, it’s a reflection…and many may not embrace what they see..So we dim it. Not this year. Being un-apologetically WHO we are is a new wave I’m convinced it comes with a freedom many will ride..each in their own way.

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    1. Very nicely said, you turned this comment into a PS. Thank you fo reading and sharing your thoughts. I hope you and your family remain safe during these times.

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