Be Free

The energy of control, feeling of wanting to endure something into becoming real, it turns out to become the fabrication of the whole story.

When emotion becomes something higher than the initial impression, we become prone to reveal what we are feeling losing control of who we are for ourselves.

Life has no borders; everything happens when we indulge ourselves with the desire that fuels the soul.

A new heart doesn’t start with THE OLD SELF. -Note to self.

New heart awakes when one accepts the old self for who they were in a time that once served them at that moment.

Letting go, I articulate on that a lot, implying there is something I am holding onto, needing, desiring, that is all comes from an egotistical perspective, from seeing reality extremely narrow sided.

Letting go is by assuring yourself that this weight you are transporting is starting to hurt, why disturb yourself over something that doesn’t care about your bleeding.

We are more than just the flesh we show, and there is an energy source that picks up the patterns we attract.

We act from a place of thinking; we lose a sense of actually thinking about the intentional thought that we were considering.

Be free of self.

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