Today’s world

When we become bored with the subject, we lost interest in the meaning of the object. We use words that have meaning to make them meaningless. From personal experience, life has many obstacles, some difficult some surfaced; all are the same when completed. We look for meaning outside of us, losing hope in trying to control things we cannot control. People have this weird issue with emotions bring out a bizarre side of them trying to understand one’s vulnerability.

Being the product of someone else’s opinion or beliefs will only make you then the subject in someone else’s eyes when, in reality, you should only see yourself through your lens. As humans, we lost this connection with God, and we forget that the meaning of how powerful that meaning holds. I was reading the Quran the other day, and it was talking about rain, and what rain symbolized: cleanse, growth, life. When the world is in turmoil, there is always an opposite side of evil, it’s good. In the bible, when one baptized, they are dipped in water with symbolizes purification.

There is a lot that we to reform and then refine, and it’s our belief system on how we view certain things. There are many different levels we face, and facing them with the same mindset will only keep us away from our higher self or God. To me, I learned that seeing doesn’t always mean believing, believing don’t always mean trusting, trusting doesn’t always mean accepting.

Tolerance and control. When we tolerate, we gain control of our higher self, when we try and control, we lost control of power itself. Structure and order, chaos, and mayhem, both are the opposite meaning; there is always a counter the ones meaning. Create your double, saying what life is for yourself. Accept both sides as one. Remember, you are only human.

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