breaking other people’s journeys

Would this all have been just a big waste of time? Where are we? How is this all happening? What is this thing we call time? Is it here in the now? Why does everything feel so distant yet so close? How are we even being when being is being something that you are not. Is this thing called life more than just a moment in time? All these questions that we never ask? Hey, how is your day at work today? Want to get drunk this weekend? Want to eat at this over prices restaurant that we both can’t afford? Let’s numb ourselves in meaningless sex. Let’s find ourselves on TV. Better yet, let’s not be here anymore. Why don’t we die everything will then stop? Why are there all these questions that I am asking?

When lived time isn’t wasted, time is only wasted when you surround yourself with things that don’t build you. Create, inpsire, and be. Do something to create your legacy. Nothing needs your attention; you need your attention more than anyone else does. People change, and in changing, they do what they need to heal. If healing means numbing than they numb, you can’t go breaking other people’s journeys. You can only inspire them through yours.

Published by BEYNYC

Healing starts with you

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