Dimmed Light

Balancing life isn’t always about putting the good before the bad. It is accepting both as one.

You will cross many people that will walk in and out of your life — some leaving you to bleed others that will heal you from past trauma.

Family, they are who they are, doesn’t mean you need to be part of a system that doesn’t serve your higher self. Life within itself has this limit that we put on ourselves. The need to want to control, the need wanting to be a positive impact on other’s lives or the need to simply be.

Being is just being not much more to it. A tree doesn’t need to show that it’s a tree.

To be enlightened doesn’t mean that you hold all the answers, you see a different world. It’s not always the real world. You don’t need always to be a positive light. Sometimes you will need to dim that light from within only to protect yourself.

Published by BEYNYC

Healing starts with you

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