This one is for me

What has this taught me ?

It was nice knowing you.

It taught me a lot in understanding people’s viewpoints. It showed me people are always who they say they are.

The Plot

I struggle with love. I even struggle with finding the right words to say at times. This whole thing about what needs to be maintained isn’t always said. See life to me is what experience shows you, even though I can empathize with people about their struggles, I can’t always show them the love that they need because at the end of the day I will lose myself in loving them when they don’t love me back.

The Feedback

Giving people the benefit of the doubt doesn’t always work. Think fixed all the time doesn’t even work. Things happen in life; shit happens. I’ve been through war and back. Won that war and every other war I faced. Each fight was different, but each tactic was the same. See, that means I never really won that war because the tactic remained fixed. Fixed means nothing if the results don’t change. Mean you are happy where you are, but every day our bodies are changing. Our mind is expanding. We are becoming a day older than yesterday.


I gave it enough time. It’s time I start to live. It’s I start taking back what mine — my life.

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