I have struggled in finding my voice, my worth.
People live in the mindset of mindless chatter about things that don’t make any sense of the end of the day.
Love yourself as much as you love everything else around you in this world. This world will never stop for anyone.
I survived cancer. A big part of me forgot that. I lost that part of my journey through feeling guilty in wanting everyone around me to be happy. I felt guilty in wanting people around me to heal rather than healing. Life goes by fast; sometimes, we need to pause for a moment and let out whatever it is that we are feeling. This pressure of the need to fit in doesn’t make sense. We forget that we all have stories; not everyone would be ready to understand it because a lot of people had their own stories destroyed. I am just as unique as you.
I am learning lessons within this all, who I was my first year out of cancer, isn’t who I am now. I am learning how to remember how strong of a person I am if someone can’t see, the strength that is not on me to show them my strength. 
No one teaches us how to become adults. They persuade us to be everything other than adults. Adults are just as lost. Being lost isn’t a bad thing; being lost means, you need to start searching for who you are.

Published by BEYNYC

Healing starts with you

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