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Everyone nowadays is considered to be a photographer. With the latest smartphone in your hands, we post priceless pictures of moments we want to share with others on social media.

Photography was founded 180 years ago.

The first camera

Imagine trying to a bathroom selfie with this.

To me photography is therapy. It’s a form of art. I express myself in how I feel through colors and sometimes though black an white.


In college, I took a film photography class as an elective. The best decision I could’ve ever made. A time where you needed to really understand your setting and really wait for the picture to develop. Getting to re-experience what you shot all over again. Making sure the temperature for the negative was just right.

Now we live in a digital world so many ways to manipulate a picture. I am far from being a professional

I am just a very passionate person that views life through a lens. I love capturing pictures of candid moments of people sometimes even staged photos. I’ve learned that when you place a person in front of the camera they usually want to be their best self.

When you shoot candid there is no mask behind the subject. Some may think its unethical but in reality, all your doing and all I am doing is just showing a world through a lens without a mask, just a filter.

Let me know what you think of this style of writing? Do you find it helpful? Would you like more tips on how I capture moments?

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  1. Great photos. Nice dialogue. A few typos, grammar errors (I am far from professorial instead of professional). The important thing is that you have started. You will only get better and better with each post. You are an inspiration.


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